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Undercounter fridge

The benefits of commercial undercounter fridges


Due to their space effectiveness, commercial undercounter fridges are highly popular in the food and beverages sector – but what are the benefits of these compact appliances?

Throughout this blog, our experts will explore what commercial undercounter fridges are and the many advantages that make them a handy addition to many hospitality establishments.

What Is A Commercial Undercounter Fridge?

Found throughout the hospitality industry, commercial undercounter fridges are refrigerators designed to fit underneath counters in kitchens, bars, cafes and hotels.

Commercial under-counter refrigerators are able to store perishable products, including meat, dairy products, and drinks at temperatures between 0°C to 8°C.

What’s The Difference Between A Free-standing Fridge And A Commercial Undercounter Fridge?

Commercial undercounter fridges differ from free-standing fridges in size, kitchen position and capacity. Unlike undercounter models, free-standing fridges stand alone in the kitchen, are taller, and have more storage space for more ingredients.

Typically, commercial undercounter fridges are used primarily for convenience and to make the most space beneath worktops. In the kitchen, they're used to store ingredients safely for food preparation. In bars and cafés, they mostly hold bottled drinks, cans, and cocktail garnishes such as fruit.  

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Commercial Undercounter Fridge?

There are several advantages to investing in a commercial undercounter fridge for your premises, including the following:

Convenient And Quick Food And Drink Preparation

Due to their easy reach beneath worktops, commercial undercounter fridges increase serving times and reduce customer wait times - this only helps to make your business highly popular with your customers. Instead of walking across the kitchen, everything you need is quickly accessible beneath you.

Extra Refrigeration Storage

One main fridge may lack adequate capacity to meet the demand on a busy night.

To provide more storage without consuming floor space, an undercounter fridge can be added to your kitchen to hold further stock.

Separate Storage For Specialist Diets 

To ensure those with special diets don’t eat contaminated foods, you can use an undercounter fridge to store ingredients separately from the stand-alone fridge - as long as foods are labelled correctly, a commercial undercounter fridge makes perfect sense.

Saves Space

As commercial undercounter fridges are shorter and more compact than stand-alone models, they can efficiently slot between gaps under your worktops - this is ideal for smaller kitchens with large appliances taking up space, such as the chef’s pass, fryers, and ovens.

Reduces Congestion In Busy Kitchens 

Commercial kitchens are hectic enough without staff bumping into each other and getting in each other’s way. An undercounter fridge reduces the need for continual journeys to the main fridge.

Reduced trips to and from the large refrigerator will reduce the likelihood of staff members walking into each other, causing accidents and increasing food wait times.

Get In Touch With Aquilo Today

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Our refrigeration specialists are on hand to help you select your next commercial undercounter fridge - to contact us, call our customer service team on 0800 0938343 or email us at

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