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About Aquilo Refrigeration

Aquilo commercial refrigeration was developed by a team of industry experts with 40 years experience to provide a level of quality usually only associated with the premier brands, but without the accompanying price tag.

The range is based around the models most-favoured by the UK marketplace and the specifications are focused on the core features that end-users demand - on-going reliability and functionality, easy-maintenance and energy efficiency. Every one of our products has been tested rigorously to be certain that it will perform within the most-challenging environments and every item is backed by our comprehensive one year labour and two year parts guarantee.

Refrigerated counter with door open


There's no compromise on Aquilo's specifications. Most models are constructed externally and internally from AISI 201 stainless steel which offers high levels of corrosion resistance. Dwell door closures to all upright, counter and under-counter models ensure doors can be held open beyond 90° for easy access.

Refrigerator control panel

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning is simple and straightforward as all internal areas have been designed to provide comfortable access while the units' ergonomic, easy clean corners prevent debris from accumulating. To enhance functionality and longevity, features include a removable dust filter which, when cleaned regularly, removes a phenomenal 90% of all airbourne debris and grease. This ensure that the units always work at maximum efficiency using the minimum amount of energy and promising on-going reliability and rapid temperature recovery. Also the door gaskets which prevent chilled air from escaping through the doors are very simple and straightforward to replace when necessary.