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Reliable and efficient cooling and freezing play a crucial role in establishing the reputation of any hospitality operator. By employing the right refrigeration system, you can ensure that your products are maintained at optimal temperatures, minimising waste, preserving flavour, and guaranteeing quality.

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However, recent developments have brought about significant changes. As part of a global initiative to mitigate harmful emissions and protect our planet, the refrigerants that have been utilised for many years are currently undergoing a phased-out process. Consequently, not only will fridges and freezers using these older refrigerants become unavailable for purchase in the near future, but arranging maintenance for such systems will also become increasingly challenging as legislation tightens.


In line with other reputable suppliers, Aquilo is fully committed to its new range of fridges and freezers that exclusively employ R290 hydrocarbon. Hydrocarbon (HC) is a naturally occurring, non-toxic substance, recognised as one of the most environmentally friendly and cost-efficient refrigerants available. Hydrocarbon is not detrimental to the ozone layer and possesses a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of under 5.

End users stand to gain a significant advantage from Aquilo's range of refrigeration systems due to the exceptional energy efficiency of hydrocarbon refrigerants. In comparison to fluorocarbons, hydrocarbons consume up to five times less energy, resulting in considerably lower operational costs. Additionally, the use of hydrocarbon reduces the operating temperature within the compressor of the fridge or freezer, consequently contributing to its longevity.


Aquilo's refrigeration solutions offer several key benefits:

  • Exclusively employ natural R290 hydrocarbon refrigerant
  • Have no impact on ozone levels
  • Incorporate built-in longevity features
  • Offer cost savings in operation
  • Possess a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of less than 5
  • Place reduced stress on components

    Aquilo – Working towards a sustainable future