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Four reasons you need a commercial undercounter fridge for your container bar

Four reasons you need a commercial undercounter fridge for your container bar


Summer has finally arrived - the beachgoers are out in force; summer fairs are in full swing, and festivals are just beginning.

So, if you own a food and beverages stall, it’s wise to invest in the equipment that helps you make more profit, especially during the hot weather. Our experts have taken the time to explain why you should invest in a must-have commercial undercounter refrigerator.

What does a commercial undercounter fridge look like?

Within the hospitality industry, commercial undercounter fridges are used in kitchens, bars, and cafes.

As their name suggests, they fit underneath workstations and bar tops instead of standing alone.

Typically, their temperature range is between 0° to 10°, meaning they’re ideal for storing pretty much everything, including meat, milk, drinks, fruit, and vegetables.

Why should you invest in a commercial undercounter refrigerator?

If you run a bohemian beachside eatery or a park bar container, a commercial undercounter fridge is a much-needed appliance. So, why is this?

Save space

    Due to their compact nature and slimline build, undercounter fridges easily slot beneath your bar tops - this means you’ll be making the most of the limited room in your container rather than using additional floor space.

    Plus, they also help to make your bar, shake shack, or food stall more presentable and less cluttered to your eager customers.

    Quick food and drink preparation

    Having fresh hamburgers, sausages, and chicken skewers right underneath you as you’re taking orders is highly convenient.

    Your staff can communicate easily as they aren't moving away from each other to access a stand-alone fridge - they can simply reach down to access food supplies.

    Another advantage of this is fast serving times and reduced delays on food, keeping your hungry customers happy.

    Ideal for storing garnishes

    When serving cocktails, you’ll need a cool and convenient place to store garnishes. If left out in the sun, fruits like lemons, limes and strawberries will attract unhygienic flies.

    A commercial undercounter fridge is ideal for storing garnishes – you can prep them early in the day when you are quiet and store them away from pests, keeping them close at hand when you are busier.


    Due to their LED lighting and plentiful insulation, commercial undercounter refrigerators don’t require as much energy to power them.

    Not only does this save your business money, but it helps to make your establishment more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

    Get in touch with Aquilo Refrigeration today

    At Aquilo, we’re experienced suppliers of commercial refrigeration solutions – from undercounter refrigerators to upright models, we have the ideal appliance for your business.

    Our specialists are available to help you decide on your new commercial fridge - to contact us, call 0800 0938343 or email us at

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