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Is a commercial undercounter fridge a good fit for my business?

Is a commercial undercounter fridge a good fit for my business?


Compact and space-utilising, commercial undercounter fridges are popular in many food and drink-serving establishments. This type of refrigerator offers many advantages, but is it the right choice for your business?

Within this article, our experts will discuss the ins and outs of commercial undercounter fridges, why hospitality establishments buy them and whether one is right for your business. 

What is a Commercial Undercounter Fridge, and What is it's Purpose?

Commercial undercounter fridges are refrigerators that slot underneath workstations rather than standing alone.

They’re used predominantly in the food and beverage sector in restaurant kitchens, hotels, bars, and cafes.

When placed front of house, commercial undercounter fridges will typically hold bottled and canned drinks and fruit for garnishes. They’re often fitted with glass doors so customers can view the items within for sale.

When placed in the kitchen, however, undercounter fridges are purely for keeping ingredients fresh and safe and are not generally accessible to customers.

 All commercial undercounter fridges offer a temperature range between 0°C to 8°C, making them suitable for a wide range of perishable products, from fruit and vegetables, drinks, meat, and dairy product.

Why Do Businesses Invest in Commercial Undercounter Fridges?

Food and beverage facilities have commercial undercounter fridges for a variety of reasons.

Space Saving

Undercounter fridges are smaller and shorter than upright models, meaning they easily slot under countertops and between gaps.

Their space effectiveness is perfect for commercial kitchens with limited space due to large appliances such as ovens, fryers, and the chef’s pass.

Added Refrigeration Space

Depending on bookings and demand, one stand-alone fridge may lack the capacity for a busy night.

An added undercounter fridge that doesn’t take away from the floor space is perfect for holding excess stock.

Additionally, specialist diet ingredients can be stored separately from the main fridge to prevent contamination - as long as foods are marked and stored correctly, a commercial undercounter fridge is ideal.

Enables Quick Food and Drink Preparation

Undercounter fridges encourage quicker serving times. Ingredients stored beneath can be reached quickly, meaning meals are ready more speedily. Reduced waiting times for food thanks to efficient preparation will make you incredibly popular with your customers.

Prevents Congestion and Accidents Between Kitchen Staff

Kitchens are stressful enough without kitchen staff getting in each other’s way – a commercial undercounter fridge lessens the need for frequent trips to the large fridge.

With fewer journeys to and from the stand-alone fridge, it's unlikely staff will run into each other, get in the way and cause accidents.

Should I Invest in a Commercial Undercounter Fridge for my Business?

When deciding if a commercial undercounter fridge is suitable for your kitchen or eatery, consider the following factors:

Do you lack kitchen space? If so, an undercounter fridge is ideal as it can hide underneath existing worktops. Small cafés and bars that don’t require too much fridge storage can heavily benefit from this type of refrigerator.

If you already have a fridge yet require more fresh food storage, a commercial undercounter fridge is ideal as you don’t need another space-consuming upright fridge.

However, if you expect to be incredibly busy serving hundreds of customers per day, it’s worthwhile investing in either a large stand-alone upright fridge or a large upright fridge and an undercounter fridge to give you enough storage space.

Trusted Commercial Fridges from Aquilo Refrigeration

We’re specialists in supplying the best commercial refrigeration solutions – from undercounter fridges to upright refrigerators, we have the perfect model for you.

Our experts are on hand to advise you on your next commercial fridge - to get in touch, call us on 0800 093 8343 or email us at

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