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Choosing Your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Choosing Your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment


Reliable refrigeration is an essential part of any commercial kitchen.

Without it, restaurants, cafes and other food businesses risk losing thousands in stock, with perishable food at higher risk of going bad.

There are lots of options available for commercial refrigeration equipment, whether it’s for storing ingredients or perishables or for displaying food like cakes, sandwiches, and drinks on the counter.

In this blog, we’re going to help you decide which type of commercial fridge is best suited to your business.

What do you need a refrigerator for?

As we’ve said, there are lots of types of commercial refrigerators you can choose from and lots of things you can use them for. So, before you choose one, you’ll need to know what purpose it will serve and where it will go.

For example, if your commercial refrigerator will keep your bulk food cold for meal prep, you’ll need a different fridge than if you simply want to store food on the counter.

If you’re lacking space, a top of the range commercial fridge will likely be too big, meaning you’ll need to consider something smaller, like a countertop or under counter fridge.

What’s the difference between each fridge?

Now, let’s look at your options.

Here at Aquilo Refrigeration we supply a range of commercial refrigerators, each suited to different environments. These include:

Upright fridges

Upright fridges are the most recognisable type of commercial fridge.

These are found in most commercial kitchens and provide a versatile space thanks to their large capacity.

The great thing is, if you purchase an upright refrigerator from Aquilo Refrigeration, you can be sure it will prove to be an energy efficient, eco-friendly addition to your kitchen.

Undercounter fridges

If you’re short on space, or don’t need a large, upright fridge, a commercial undercounter fridge is likely the ideal solution.

They fit snugly under almost any worktop, making the most of wasted floor space and not affecting the accessibility of your commercial kitchen in any way.

Although compact in design, undercounter refrigerators from Aquilo Refrigeration have an impressive 140l storage capacity making them the perfect addition to many kitchen environments.

Counter fridges

Counter fridges are a great multipurpose piece of equipment, making them perfect for smaller kitchens.

They’re similar to undercounter fridges in that they’re only about waist height, however they don’t need to be placed underneath existing worktops – instead, they double up as valuable countertop space.

Counter fridges come with many different configurations. So, if you think you would benefit from drawers more so than doors, or vice versa, you’ll be sure to find something suited to your kitchen.

Countertop prep fridges

If pizzas, sandwiches or salads are a favourite amongst your customers, you’ll benefit from a countertop prep fridge.

These spaces are split into separate chilled compartments, in which prepped ingredients can be stored – chopped tomatoes, grated cheese, shredded lettuce, even butter and sauces – within a reachable distance from your workstation.

These convenient pieces of equipment are also great for self-service buffets, allowing customers easy access to safely stored food.

High quality commercial refrigeration equipment from Aquilo Refrigeration

To find your perfect commercial refrigeration unit, simply browse our range of products.

Or, if you’re unsure as to which would suit your requirements, get in touch and one of our experts will be happy to discuss your options.

Just give us a call on 0800 093 8343 or email us at

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