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Four Things To Consider When Choosing Your Undercounter Fridge

Four Things To Consider When Choosing Your Undercounter Fridge


An undercounter fridge can be great for using up dead space and increasing your available storage in even the smallest kitchens.

But does that mean you really need to buy one?

Here at Aquilo Refrigeration, we’re experts when it comes to quality refrigeration.

So, here are four things we recommend you consider when choosing your undercounter refrigerator.

What is the purpose of your undercounter fridge?

Firstly, why do you need an undercounter fridge?

Maybe you need a dedicated area to keep prepped ingredients fresh, but within easy reach.

Or perhaps you’re experiencing an increase in gluten free orders within your busy restaurant and need to ensure these items are kept well away from those that include the allergen.

There are so many reasons businesses choose to invest in an undercounter refrigerator. So, you’ll want to make sure yours meets your requirements.

Does it have enough shelves? If required, are these shelves removable and adjustable to ensure you can accommodate various sized items?

You’ll also want to consider how often your fridge is used. Will you be using it all year round or just in busy periods? Over the summer or during the festive season, perhaps.

If you’re not using it year round, you might be able to get away with paying slightly less, as it won’t need to tolerate constant use.

Where will your undercounter fridge be placed?

This might sound obvious, but your choice of undercounter fridge will be impacted by its location.

If your undercounter fridge is being used in the back of house, then you can focus purely on performance over appearance – as only you and your team will see it.

If it’s going front of house, aesthetics will play a bigger role in your choice.

You’ll also need to know where your undercounter fridge will be placed to make sure you purchase one that fits.

You’ll need to consider the depth, height, and width of your space, buying one that fits within this space perfectly to maximise its potential use.

Finally, you don’t want access to your refrigerator to be restricted. So make sure to consider the direction in which the door opens.

Is it energy efficient?

When buying new kitchen equipment, energy efficiency needs to be considered – especially in a commercial kitchen where there’s already lots of equipment.

You might need the new fridge to store additional stock to sell (so you can increase your profits) but you don’t want an inefficient undercounter fridge increasing your energy bills massively, swallowing any additional profits you might make

Therefore, investing in an energy efficient undercounter fridge is essential to keep your bills down.

What materials is it made from?

Undercounter refrigerators can be made from a variety of materials, like copper and aluminium.

Although these refrigerators tend to be slightly cheaper than other varieties, they aren’t always as sturdy or as durable.

So, if you’re looking for a durable undercounter refrigerator, we advise you consider one made from stainless steel.

We understand these refrigerators are required in a range of environments – busy commercial kitchens, canteens, cafes, even outdoor bars.

Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, is low maintenance and retains an attractive appearance.

This means, no matter the environment it’s kept in, or the wear and tear it suffers, your stainless steel undercounter refrigerator can last the test of time.

High quality commercial refrigeration from Aquilo Refrigeration

We specialise in providing only the best commercial refrigeration solutions.

So, if you’re after an efficient undercounter refrigerator unit, get in touch.

Simply call us on 0800 0938343 or email us at

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