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Hot New Tapas Restaurant Chills With Aquilo

Hot New Tapas Restaurant Chills With Aquilo

Introducing Tapas 47: A Culinary Journey in Whalley

In early 2022, long-time friends and now business partners, Danielle Roberts and Kellie Hughes, embarked on an ambitious venture in their hometown of Whalley. Located in Lancashire, Whalley holds the prestigious distinction of being the only village in the region to earn a spot on the Sunday Times' 'Best 50 Places to Live in Britain' list. The dynamic duo's dream? To open a tapas restaurant in this charming locale, despite the challenging economic climate.

A Vision Takes Shape

Danielle, armed with over two decades of experience in hospitality accountancy, assumed the pivotal role of budgeting for their restaurant. The primary challenge at hand was outfitting their cozy kitchen with ample refrigeration, all while adhering to a tightening budget.

Danielle explains, "We knew we had a wide array of ingredients that required refrigeration, each with specific storage needs. Given the limited space available, it seemed like an insurmountable task. Thankfully, a fellow colleague in the restaurant industry recommended Aquilo. Surprisingly, they managed to provide us with a solution that met our needs and budget constraints."

The Perfect Refrigeration Solution

The solution that emerged involved several undercounter fridges, a freezer, and two upright fridges. These units offered the flexibility required for strategic placement, precise temperature control, and versatile usage. Each fridge was dedicated to specific food categories, including vegetables, meats, cheeses, prepped items, and delectable desserts.

Danielle further elaborates, "The undercounter models seamlessly integrated into our limited prep areas, and we ingeniously accommodated the upright fridges. Beyond their exceptional value, these refrigeration units are impressively equipped and have proven to be highly reliable. Not to mention, their eco-friendly features align with our commitment to sustainability."

A Grand Opening

With the kitchen fully equipped and refurbishments complete, Tapas 47 welcomed its first eager patrons in September 2022. The restaurant swiftly gained popularity, with diners embracing the laid-back ambiance, authentic menus, and a well-curated wine selection. Tapas 47 had successfully become a culinary gem in Whalley, a testament to Danielle and Kellie's dedication and vision.

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