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Aquilo Cools It For Salvi's

Aquilo Cools It For Salvi's

Salvi’s has become a staple element of Manchester’s thriving restaurant scene. Over the years, its popularity has enabled owners Maurizio and Claire Cecco to expand into three locations, the most recent of which is in the city’s newest landmark, Deansgate Square. Customer response has been phenomenal and only months after opening, the restaurant became a winner of the 2022 Open Table Diners’ Choice Awards.

Salvi's Neapolitan Tradition

Maurizio hails from Naples where he learned to cook – and it shows –  customers love the sheer authenticity of his food. Ingredients are super-fresh while cooking methods are steeped deeply in Neapolitan tradition. One of the Salvi’s favourite menu items is pizza, accounting for close to half of all meals served, and it’s easy to see why.

“Our pizzas are known for being very airy and soft and the secret is to allow them to prove for a full 36 hours. To achieve this we have a dedicated, Aquilo 3-door pizza fridge which can hold several full size proving trays. Accurate temperature is very important in achieving the end result we need and we can rely on the fridge to maintain a consistent 4°C. The granite top is important, allowing us time to stretch and build the pizzas while keeping them cool."

Why did Maurizio return as a customer?

Maurizio went on to buy five more Aquilo fridges and a freezer.

“We are meticulous about storing our refrigerated ingredients separately so we can identify the best temperature for each specific category. Also, although virtually all our dishes are made from scratch, there are certain items, like our ragu, which we make ahead and refrigerate, so it’s important to have a generous amount of available space.” 

And, a further bonus is that because three of the new fridges are large counter models, they effectively create extra workstations.

He concludes, “i’m delighted with my Aquilo refrigeration. It was the right choice on several levels. It’s reliable, well-specified, not overly priced and, I am pleased to report, energy-efficient too.”

In fact, Maurizio was so impressed, he went on to buy additional Aquilo fridges for his other sites.

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