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Aquilo Refrigeration Pulls It Out Of The Box For Manchester Sports Bar

Aquilo Refrigeration Pulls It Out Of The Box For Manchester Sports Bar

When BOX, situated on Manchester's Deansgate, sought to outfit its kitchen with energy-efficient and versatile refrigeration solutions, Aquilo emerged as the answer to their needs.

Prioritising Energy Efficiency

BOX placed energy conservation at the forefront of its requirements. The establishment boasts a substantial downstairs area catering to an extensive American-style menu, necessitating a significant refrigeration capacity. Additionally, an exclusive upstairs facility, capable of hosting up to 200 guests, demanded even more refrigeration resources.

Eco-Friendly Refrigeration Solutions

Aquilo's range of refrigeration systems harnesses R290 hydrocarbon refrigerant, acknowledged as the most environmentally friendly option currently available. This refrigerant has no ozone-depleting effects and boasts a negligible GWP (Global Warming Potential). Moreover, the exceptional heat absorption capabilities of R290 ensure swift temperature recovery, reducing energy demand.

Customisation for Culinary Flexibility

BOX had specific requirements for its refrigeration. They opted for one-third size gastronorm capacity in their refrigerated countertop prep rails, providing the kitchen with the flexibility needed for the multitude of toppings and garnishes used. The ability to specify the ideal ratio of doors to drawers on the counter fridges further enhanced their operational efficiency.

Optimising Space and Simplifying Maintenance

Aquilo offers various caster options for its refrigeration units, allowing for flexible placement under existing counters and cooktops, thereby maximising available space effortlessly. Through collaboration with Aquilo, BOX was able to establish a highly efficient grill station with a 4-drawer counter fridge positioned beneath a large grill.

In addition to space optimisations, BOX considered the ease of cleaning and maintenance. The maneuverability's of the castors undeniably simplified the cleaning process. Furthermore, BOX expressed its appreciation for Aquilo's easy-to-clean condenser pre-filters, which effectively trap debris, safeguarding the efficiency and functionality of the condensers.

Aquilo's innovative refrigeration solutions not only fulfilled BOX's energy efficiency and customisation requirements but also contributed significantly to the establishment's overall operational efficiency and sustainability objectives.

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