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Aquilo Refrigeration's Common-sense Tips On Maximising Energy Efficiency

Aquilo Refrigeration's Common-sense Tips On Maximising Energy Efficiency


Refrigeration in the catering and hospitality sector can be responsible for using a significant amount of electricity – in some cases, up to around 40% of the total demand. Therefore, to help operators cut costs, Aquilo Refrigeration has produced a checklist outlining what can be done to ensure that energy usage is kept as low as possible whilst also maximising efficiency. 

  • If they can be moved easily, site fridges and freezers away from hobs and hot ovens.
  • Only open fridge doors when needed.
  • Check door seals (gaskets) frequently and, at the first sign of wear, replace them. Damaged seals can account for a substantial waste of energy.
  • Defrost and clean regularly.
  • Do ensure your fridge contents aren’t packed too tightly, thereby restricting air flow.
  • Only use the fridge for items that need to be refrigerated rather than as a convenient store cupboard.
  • Don’t set the temperature lower than necessary. The fridge will be a little warmer at the top and colder at the bottom so use the space wisely.
  • Clean the condenser coil regularly as, if it’s dirty, it puts more pressure on the fridge to maintain temperature and therefore uses more electricity.
  • If you’re considering replacing your refrigeration or buying any new units do bear in mind that the refrigerant used can make a significant difference to energy usage with R290 considered the most eco-friendly available consuming up to five times less energy than old-style refrigerants. Other features that can reduce your energy requirements are easy-to-clean condenser filters which help keep the condenser working at peak efficiency and magnetic gaskets which can be replaced in minutes.
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